Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thing 4!

Thing 4--Keeping up using Flipboard

Can't believe it but I am in love!  What's not to love about using Flipboard?  All kinds of things to keep your interest in one central place.  By clicking a few categories you're able to get all kinds of current articles in those fields.  I love being connected to my facebook account and actually getting the news in a more straightforward manner without all of the facebook adds on the sides!  (Is this legal, I feel like it's a cheat in some way.)

I was a little concerned at first that the content might be slanted, always from one source perhaps.  But a quick flick through the articles showed clearly that the articles are being pulled from a wide variety of sources.  Many I know and consider trustworthy as well as new-to-me publications that I am finding intriguing.  It could be that after more time I might be less enamored of this site but for right now I unfortunately see a lot of late nights as I delve into the info available using this app.

(Did anybody else catch the article on the "desks with gutters"?  What a great idea, do you think the county libraries would switch to these?

Thing 3!

Thing 3--Utilities.  I should have read this task last week before I went out and bought a replacement calculator.  As soon as I read the task I quickly grabbed a calculator app and am delighted with the size and ease of using the app.  And it's with me instead of on the desk at home.

I was really excited to try the StandApp, it sounded very intriguing.  Unfortunately I couldn't find the app for the Nook so I went on a search for a stretching app and came up with Stretch on the go.  It's not a pretty app but it does include some great stretches.  Of particular interest to me was that it included a sequence routine for office workers, I couldn't wait to easily have a short routine to prevent computer fatigue. 

Alas it was not meant to be.  The sequence was listed but the words weren't a link to the exercise.  You have to go back to the directory, find the first exercise, do it, go back to the sequence list, etc.  Definitely not user friendly.  I'll keep playing with it, maybe I am missing an easy step to make the 50 exercise cards more useable.  And it wasn't free.  Sorry I paid for it and I'm not sure who gave the app all of the stars.  Just goes to show me to be leery of app ratings.

I have to say I like the exercises, they're easy to do and provide relief from desk stress,  this is just very unfriendly to use as is. 

Wish I could have found the StandApp.

Thing 2!

Thing 2--finding out about my device

I did read through the manual of my device and learned a few tricks of the trade.  But the format is pretty dry.  I followed the idea given with the task of doing an internet search by device and adding tips and tricks.  This pretty much got me the Nook User's guide so I modified my search to NOOK HD, tips and tricks from users. This brought up a lot more options and I spent a fun afternoon following peoples advice.

1st tip--told me how to get rid of unwanted items on the big active shelf of the home page.  By going to All Settings>Applications>Home I was then able to get rid of the unused items and customize the active shelf for my use.   Side benefit was then I actually looked at other items in All Settings and figured out why I wasn't being able to make the print as big as I wanted it.  The default setting had blocked out the extra large sizes that I prefer for late night reading.

Next tips came from the Nook HD for dummies site, I clicked on all of the topics and found many useful hints there.  After reading through these I decided to tackle setting up different profiles on my device.

On a day to day basis I am the only user on my device so security isn't always a concern.  However I worry every time I let my visiting 10 year old nephew play games on it.  Those update flashes are pretty tempting to a kid and I don't want his use to cost me money.  So I followed the tips and set up a kid profile for him.  Now he doesn't have those options to shop.  I also locked down the device so that any purchases require a password before they can be authorized.  I used to take my credit card number off my account but with trying to do 23 mobile things I wanted to keep it active to purchase any apps I might want.

On to Thing 3!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Devise

So, looked into a variety of new devices so I could complete 23 things on a mobile device.  Basically on a super busy week I might reach a total of 10 phone calls and/or text messages.  I couldn't justify a fancy new phone for that little use. 

I have used an ipad at work a little and I find it difficult.

Loved my Nook color but it wouldn't let me do many of the activities, but...the new Nook HD has more android qualities.  And I could give the Nook color to my sister while upgrading.

I talked myself into the new Nook.  Anything I can't do on it I will use the libraries ipad to complete.  On to task number 2.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shopping I must go

Haven't attempted to work on the next thing as vacation and work haven't given me much time.  Started to actually read through the rest of the things and realized my device actually isn't "android" enough to do many of these steps.  So, time to upgrade.  I'll be back after I go shopping!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thing #1--"create a blog" has been completed.  I was able to download my picture, post a first message, and then I couldn't figure out how to log out.  Fortunately a co-worker told me to click on my picture in the top corner, which I did.  I wanted to be sure I could get back in, managed that, but then I wanted to add another post.  Took me awhile before I located that command button and was able to add this message.  I can see that practice will be needed before the steps become intuitive.

I'm wondering about how much personal info to make available and to whom?  Do I need to say public so that people doing 23 things will have access to my blog?  Or do I say circle and that will let other participants see my blog? Will questions be answered if I put them into a post?

Anxious to see what happens next--and I think I mean anxious in the "frightened" way,  not in the "can't wait" way!
After jumping on computers quickly I've been slow to start with other devices.  Hoping 23 things will bring me up to speed so that I can understand questions from patrons, join in conversations with my grandson, and not feel like I'm ready for the retirement home!